What is the difference between fiberglass knit felt and chopped strand mat?

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What is a fiberglass knit felt? What is the difference between chopped strand felt and glass chopped felt is a filter material with superior performance: high porosity, low gas filtration resistance, high filtration wind speed, high dust removal efficiency, and resistance to bending, abrasion and dimensional stability Features.

The main purpose

Glass fiber needle felt can be used in the automotive industry for sound insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardancy, etc., and is mainly used in the filtration industry; glass fiber needle felt is widely used in carbon black, steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, incineration Other industries such as flue gas purification and dust recovery.

Working conditions

1, the filter wind speed should be less than 1.0m/min.

2, the working temperature of glass fiber needle felt should be less than 260 °C

Medium and alkali-free glass fiber expanded cloth/bag

Medium and non-alkali glass fiber expanded filter material is applied to Nanjing Fiberglass Institute technology, using Germany imported expansion equipment, producing full-expansion or two-thirds of the expanded filter cloth (bag). The organization has double weft satin and twill.

Medium and non-alkali fiberglass bulking filter cloth (bag) specifications are Φ120-300mm, with the performance of ordinary glass fiber filter material, and at the same time, after high temperature hot washing, the fabric structure is enhanced, the abrasion resistance is increased, and the filtering wind speed is increased. The service life is greatly improved.

The main purpose

Medium and non-alkaline expanded glass fiber filter cloths (bags) are widely used in dust removal and filtration of iron and steel, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, and cement industries.

Working conditions

Long-term use of 200 °C -280 °C, the best use of temperature 90 °C -220 °C, FCA formula working temperature should be less than 180 °C; filter wind speed should be less than 0.8m/min.

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