What is ordinary polyester needle felt dust bag

2018-04-10 浙江宇邦滤材科技有限公司 阅读 854

What is an ordinary polyester needle felt dust bag? Ordinary polyester needled felt dust bag is a dust bag made of polyester fiber as the raw material and a needle-punched non-woven fabric process. This product has high porosity, good air permeability and high dust collection efficiency, in addition to the unique felt filter cloth. The long service life and other advantages, due to its moderate temperature rating, instant up to 150 °C, acid and alkali resistant characteristics.


Botou is a combination of Sky Blue Dust Removal Equipment Co., Ltd. and research and development, specializing in the production of various types of polyester needle punch felt bags. Our company owns a full set of production equipment for fabric bags from weaving cloth, high temperature setting to cloth bag processing, and has annual production capacity of 800,000 pieces. In many years of practice, we have accumulated rich production experience to ensure that each bag is qualified. Polyester needled felt is made of Liaohua Polyester staple fiber as raw material. This product has the advantages of high void space, excellent air permeability, and high durability. It has the advantages of moderate temperature resistance, instant up to 150°, and moderate acid and alkali resistance. Very good abrasion resistance, so it is a larger variety of use in felt filter cloths. The surface may be singeed, calendered, coated, antistatic, etc. according to the working conditions. Sky Blue Dust will add luster to environmental protection products with excellent products, and will join hands with you to make its due contribution to create a beautiful homeland with clear water and blue sky.

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