Jinke blend antistatic needle felt Environmental protection dust anti-static

2018-04-10 浙江宇邦滤材科技有限公司 阅读 808

Anti-electrostatic dust bag filter cloths are made of anti-static polyester needle-punched felt that incorporates conductive fiber yarns in the warp yarns of base fabrics for needle felts or conductive fibers and other conductive materials in chemical fibers. The anti-static properties of the dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. in the event of an electrostatic discharge may be explosive, is currently the best choice for explosion-proof dust collection.

When the industrial dust concentration reaches a certain level (ie, the explosion limit), in the event of static discharge sparks or external ignition and other factors, it can easily lead to explosions and fires, such as: dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. Electrostatic discharge has the possibility of reporting stations. In the field of bag type dust removal, people need to use cloth sacks to collect these dusts, and the bags themselves are required to have anti-static functions. In addition to the process of producing a normal needle felt, the production of an antistatic filter requires the incorporation of conductive fibers in the warp yarns of the base fabric for the production of the needle felt or the incorporation of conductive fibers in the chemical fibers.

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